Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

There is a very well-known quotation: “Where Science ends Philosophy begins,” the meaning of this explains the importance of Philosophy in the field of wisdom as well as shows the enormous scope of the subject. In our college the department was established in 1972 when Philosophy as a subject was introduced in the B.A. Pass Course. At that time our college was affiliated to the University of Calcutta. Honours in Philosophy began its journey in 1986. The department was enriched with eminent teachers like Prof. Mrinal Kanti Chakraborty ( joined in the 1st post of the department), Prof. Hiranmoy Talukdar (joined in the 2nd post of the department) and part-time lecturers like Dr. Tapan Narayan Basu. In the same year Prof. Sadhan Chakraborty (3rd post), another renowned teacher joined the department. In the year 2000 our college came to be affiliated to the University of Kalyani. It is a matter of great pride to continue the journey. At present there are three full-time teachers, namely, Anuradha Chakraborti (M.A, B.Ed) Samsunnessa Khatun (M.Phil) and Dipannita Datta (M.A.), two guest lecturers, namely, Ramananda Dey (M.A) and Agamani Pal (M.A) . Initially the seat capacity of students was 30, which stands at present at 120. Every year our department publishes a wall magazine. The teachers guide their students towards developing their talent in various fields by involving them in debates, quiz competitions and departmental seminars in class regularly. Every year remedial classes are arranged for slow learners and tutorial classes for advanced learners. The students of the department participate in extension activities like, NSS, singing, dancing etc. Every year 3 or 4 students on an average obtain First Class in Philosophy Honours. Some of the Honours students are presently teaching in various schools and colleges.


Smt. Samsunnesa Khatun


Smt. Dipannita Dutta


Sri. Ramananda Dey